"People are more motivated by losses than gains, and they like immediate gratification,"

Our rewards content is points driven which in turn is driven by activity. The more active you are the more points you earn and the more points you earn the more rewards you can claim. Points can be are awarded for daily steps, active minutes, calories burned or any other criteria your wellness programme requires.

The crucial element, in any rewards programme, is the ability of partcipants to earn the reward that is on offer. It must be challenging yet achievable. Our rewards are made available to participants on registration and remain  accessible provided the required targets and goals are met. In other words its theirs to lose or keep!

Multiple rewards

Our rewards content includes days out vouchers, retail offers, eshop with digital currency, exclusive brand promotions and cashback.

Days out

Money off vouchers and codes to the UK’s top attractions and events. Enhance your Wellness programme with these popular in demand vouchers delivered securely through your Wellness portal straight to mailbox or mobile.


Collect coins when you shop with over 200 of the UK’s top brands and retailers including major supermarkets. Coins are paid into an e-wallet account and can be used to pay for selected goods and services including shopping vouchers.


Our e-Shop delivers a secure e-commerce solution that supports our digital currency. The e Shop is a secure online shopping channel retailing shopping cards, Gym & Sports Kit, Fitness tech and other cool stuff! 

Offers and promotions

With over 400 major brands on our platform we have thousands of daily and occasional offers, savings and event promotions to enhance the impact of your Wellness programme helping to drive engagement and programme impact.