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All about the coins

Collect coins with every offer and spend them in our coins shop where you will find shopping cards, gift vouchers, activity trackers/smart watches trackers and much more.

Collect and spend

Collect coins with every offer on Activepoints. Coins are worth 1p each. Collect 10 coins for every £1 you spend with our partners. Spend your coins on shopping cards/voucher codes for major retailers including supermarkets.

Coin Partners

Use your coins to buy shopping cards for major retailers!

Featured partner


Spend your coins on flights with over 300 Airlines including BA, Easyjet, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic and hundreds more. Awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have complied a list of the most frequently asked questions below. Check it out to see if your question is featured here.

How do I collect coins?

Collect 10 coins for each €1 you spend with any of our partners. Coins are credited to your e-wallet at month end.

My Coins balance?

Your coins balance and any transactions are displayed in your wallet in your personalised user dashboard.

Spend my coins?

Your coins are automatically available to spend in the shop and are auto applied at checkout.

What are coins worth?

Each coin is worth ¢1 therefore 100 coins = €1.

Can I cash in coins?

No. You can only spend your coins in the coins shop.

Are there any limits?

No. You can collect and spend as many coins as you like.


Our digital  shopping cards are emailed to you to use online or downloaded to your phone to present in store at the checkout.

Physical cards

You can choose to buy a plastic card which will be sent to your home address. These cards incur an additional  postage charge.

Card availability

Card availability varies and some cards may be sold out when you log in. Please see the terms and conditions for more information.