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Schools & colleges programme

Working in partnership with the Jamie Carragher Watch us get fit initiative the programme motivates staff, students and their families to be more active.


We encourage kids to become more active by helping them crush their daily goals. Healthy competition in a nurturing environment gives pupils a head start to their active lifestyles developing a love for sport and movement.

Telephone: 07795-954446


Contact Hours: M-F: 9am – 5pm

Move more

Using tech to motivate Sports and PE participation helps Schools to develop programmes that engage students and parents in the fight against in-activity.

Developed with Garmin the programme uses the discrete Garmin vivoki fitness tracker to monitor and report students steps, active minutes, distance and calories burned during the school day.


Our Mission & Vision

You only get one shot at childhood so together we have to do our best to ensure ours kid lead a happy, healthly and more resilient lifestyle by taking steps to a healthier future and giving children a life long love of being active.

A Word

From Jamie

” It is great to support the Watch us get fit initiative and see the positive impact it is making to the children”

– Jamie Carragher

data tracking

Track & reward student daily activity

The tracker

The Garmin vivoki is asmall discrete tracker that students can wear  on their torso, waist or slip into a pocket.

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It is water resistant and automatically tracks and reports steps, distance, active minutes and calories burned throughout the school day.

Remote hub

The vivohub 2 remote hub syncs simultaneously with up to 30 Garmin vivokis within 10 metres of the hub.

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The hubs are located in high traffic areas and operate wirelessly ensuring accurate realtime data syncs.

The Dashboard

Activity data is displayed on the school administrator dashboard by student, class or whole school.

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The activity data is only visible to the designated school administrator and cannot be accessed without permission.

Data reporting

Our data reporting module provides the activity data in raw data format for easy import into analytical programmes.

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The data can be uploaded or emailed weekly by class making it easy to bespoke and import as required.

The Rewards

 Collect fantastic money saving codes for family days out, restaurants, theme parks and more. Collect Activcoins with every offer.

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Students collect 3 points each time they do 7000 daily steps. Do this 4 times in a week to unlock the rewards.

Staff & Family

Staff & student families may also join in the fun, collect points for being active and have free access to the rewards.

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Family members will need to connect a Garmin or Fitbit tracker to be eligible for free membership to th erewards programme.

Our Schools

Schools & Organizations

Schools across Merseyside, London and Dublin are all part of our network motivating over 5000 students to move more. We are adding more schools every week and aim to hit our target of 1000 primary Schools in the network by the end of 2020.

The Team

Lead by James Olsen and Sean Williams the organisation is part of the Jamie Carragher accademy.


The receiver hubs are easy to set up but will require some admin time from your IT support team to ensure that the school firewall is configured to allow the vivohub 2 to be added to the school wifi system. This process can be remotely completed.

Garmin vivoki

The vivokis are discrete, robust and water proof trackers that do not require charging. Battery life is 6 months with normal use.


There are currently several case studies available as well as a newly commissioned pilot programme in the south west looking at the effectiveness of activity on childrens mental health. For more information get in touch

Rewards programme

Reward programme partners include Garmin,, Redletter days, 365 Tickets and voucher express.


Active Schools