Rugby Players

Players can earn extra points and track other gym & physical activity in addition to the Rugby games & training sessions.

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Rugby Clubs

Clubs can plug in to many community wide initiatives helping them to recruit and retain players of all ages and abilities.

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Friends & Family-Rugby

Why not get family & friends involved too. We reward all activity and with our family and friends plan they too can benefit from being part of the Rugby rewards programme. Family members earn points for keeping active & trade them for cash when they shop online with major shopping channels such as Amazon. 

~ Niall Jordan Founder Active Points

Rugby Programme

The rewards

Ask about the funded programme options available to all Clubs 

Training Session tracker

Our innovative points based incentives and rewards programme allows Clubs to track and reward all player training and games played. Use our simple training session tracker to track players training and games played. Once set up Team managers & Coaches can use the App on the field of play to ensure that all player attendance is tracked and automatically reported to the Active Points database. 

Individual Players

If your club is not part of the Rugby rewards programme (and they should be!) you can still join and track your activity. Buy one of our selected Fitbit devices or a Myzone belt from us and you will get 12 months free access to the rewards programme. We will even give £50 off your Myzone belt as a welcome offer from us!

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Trackers- existing users




If you already use a Fitbit or Myzone belt you can still combine your activity at your Rugby club, gym, at home or out and about in one simple to use dynamic user panel. Connect one of our selected activity trackers for just £12 per season and qualify for bonus rewards too! 

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How to earn points.


  • PT Sessions
  • Gyms Classes
  • Corporate programmes
  • Pilates & Yoga
  • Sports Clubs
  • Home Workouts
  • Park Runs
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Dance Classes
  • Spinning Classes


  • Time Active
  • Calories Burned
  • Daily Steps
  • Membership renewal
  • Vouchers Downloads
  • Friend Referrals

Bonus rewards

Buy & connect a Fitbit or Myzone device and get bonus rewards.View your daily and weekly activity and you will also get one year free access to Active Points.

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Local Business

Do you own a business? Why not list it here for free. Simply create an offer for our members & we will promote your business to our members.

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