We deliver incentives & rewards programmes using a combination of online tools to create results driven programmes to suit all budgets. Whether you are a large or small employer, single site operator or a multi-venue gym chain we have a programme for you. 


Wellness datahub


Connected to most gym management systems including Legend, XN Leisure, Gladstone, Technogym and Life Fitness we also connect to most Health & Fitness Apps allowing your employees / members to connect their favourite device to our Wellness hub and combine their activity at the gym, at home or out and about in one simple to use dynamic user panel and be rewarded at every step of their Fitness journey.





Members can view all their activity in one dynamic user dashboard







Multiple connections


We connect to all fitness Apps and wearbles currently available to gym members both here in the UK and globaly too! We can have your gym connected and operational in 7 days.



Integrating tech.






52% of gym members use a fitness app and as a gym owner you can plug into the opportunities that this presents. By integrating tech into your member experience you can support your members both in and out of the gym and tap into a wealth of member data that you currently do not see! 




Community wellness


Working in partnership with Local Councils, Trusts and NHS, the programme unites the gym, home, school and workplace through a network of community initiatives and hubs. Residents can track their progress online using any available Active Points connected activity tracker and will also have access to a range of discounted Fitness aids to help them to track their activity.


Our Partners



Guy Griffiths, Member Retention Consultant at GGFit says:  "Active Points are a great way for clubs to increase member engagement, and are a real boost to member retention initiatives. We see members check-in to the club more, and less likely to 'lose' their membership cards. So data collection (especially visits) is much better for our clients who use Active Points. We have also seen increased open rates and click through rates for digital journey messages when incorporating Active Points into those messages. Messages with links to Active Points get a 15-20% click rate, 3-4 times more than messages with no Active Points info."


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