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Referral programme

If you are a registered PT or sports coach why not sign up for our member referral programme? It free to join and you receive a referral fee for each client that signs up to an AP Rewards annual or 6 month plan.

How it works

Register for free below and we will set up your own branded social network and user group so that your clients can subscribe to your incentives and rewards programme.

Your membership is free for 6 months and thereafter will remain free as long as you refer one or more new client each month.


Once registered, you will receive a referral code to give to your clients. This code is unique to you and will be used to calculate any referral fees due.

Referral fees:

12 month plan = £20

6 month plan  = £10

This is not Facebook!

You can invite clients to join your AP Rewards social network where you can upload workouts, direct message, post, comment and motivate them in one ad free secure private online space. Oh and you can share to all of your social media pages with just a click!

Virtual membership

Clients can connect their Apple, Fitbit or Garmin and view their own personalised fitness dashboards in real time and view their last 7 days progress.

Points are collected depending on which tracker is connected. For example 3 points are collected for hitting 7500 steps in a day. 12 points each week are required to unlock the rewards.


Members don’t own a Fitbit, Myzone or Garmin? No problem we can ship straight to their door at up to 25% off rrp. There is also a free Fitbit or Garmin app that can be downloaded.

Our reward partners

The Only Tools You’ll Ever Need

We provide and manage all the tools you need to deliver powerful data driven incentives wellness programmes.

Rewards Management

We deliver more than just incentives and rewards we also manage them for you so you don’t have to.

Data Analytics

 Data is available through our data reporting module for easy import into all major analytics tools.

Administrator dashboards

All our programmes come with secure administrator back-end aggregate dashboards.

Member dashboard

Fast loading, displaying member daily and weekly activity & points and coins balances on PC Tablet or Mobile.

Project Management

Our project management service allows you to get on with running your business as we build your programme .

Digital currency

Activcoins provide a monetary value to the rewards allowing real world purchasing of tangible goods & services.