How does it work?

Earn 3 points when you hit 7000 steps in a day. Collect 12 points in a week to unlock the rewards. Choose an offer from our partners & use your AP code to get up to 15% extra off the offer. Collect 5%-10% per £1 you spend as Activcoins. Spend your coins in the store to buy or part pay for shopping cards to major UK Stores including supermarkets, and repeat!

About the Points

Daily goal hit
Daily goal hit

AP Points

3 points per day

Rewards access
Rewards access

12 AP Points per week

Unlimited access to all rewards content

Extra codes & rewards
Extra codes & rewards

Bonus Points

Collect 12 Bonus points per Month

It all about you

We want to motivate you to be more active so Connect a Garmin or Fitbit device and start to collect Active Points. You will collect points each time you hit your daily goal as set in your app. You will also collect bonus points for beating your daily goals too!

The rewards

We have thousands of days out, eating out and experiences all at huge savings plus an extra 15% off most offers (extra 5% off attractions, Museums and Musicals) plus collect up to 10 Activcoins* per £1 on all offers.

* Use your Activcoins to buy shopping cards & vouchers to major UK stores including supermarkets and Amazon as well as other cool stuff.