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Welcome to the Wellness rewards programme

How do I earn Points?

Swipe your gym card to earn points each time you go to the gym, swim or attend a class at any Lincs Inspire venue.

What do I get with my points?

Trade your points for cash rewards, shopping discounts, local offers & free goodies online with Active Points!

What do I have to do?

Just go to the gym & use the rewards platform next time you want to buy new trainers or almost everything else too!

How much does it cost?

Membership costs from just £1.00 P/M and can be added to your direct debit or paid annually/ monthly by debit card.

Free Goodies

How do I get free stuff?

From January 2017 you can trade your points for free goodies  from our partners!
You do not have to make any purchases and all items can be claimed either at your gym, sent to your home address or in store depending on the product you have chosen!

Remember to swipe your card to ensure you have enough points to get these fantastic free rewards!


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Driving Community Wellness

Our aim is to incentivise and reward fitness and sport participation through an innovative “points means prizes” approach to Wellness. A share of all revenue raised through the programme will be allocated to provide free access to sports and fitness facilities to disadvantaged families in North East Lincolnshire.

Business Owners

Do you run a business? Why not become a rewards partner for FREE and your business will be displayed to 40,000 gym users in North East Lincolnshire. All we ask is that you offer our members a money saving promotion.

Register my business


Register from just £1.00 per month

All members registering for the rewards programme will be entered into Active Points' prize draw to win a fantastic prize.

  1. Apple iPod Nano, 
  2. MZ3 Myzone Belt,
  3. Bluetooth headphones,
  4. £25 Shopping gift card.
  5. £40 off a Lincs Inspire birthday party.
  6. £25 in Lincs Inspire gift vouchers.

Winners will be notified by email. 

Terms apply




Direct Debit


Click on the Update Direct Debit button to add £1.00 P/M to your Lincs Inspire monthly DD.

You do not need a Paypal account to register. Simply click on the Check out as Guest option.

You need a PayPal account to set up your monthly payment Plan or choose the annual payment option and save £6.00.

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