How it works

Active Points Wellness Programme

The Active Points wellness platform delivers a unique user experience allowing you to connect your gym card and/or your favourite Fitness APP and track your activity at the gym, at home or out and about in one simple to use dynamic user panel. Oh! and you will be rewarded every step of the way too!

What do I need to do?

Connect your gym card and/or Fitness APP and we will track your progress in real time including calories burned, daily steps, active minutes and much more. 

The Points

You earn points based on your gym visits and tracked activity and the points gain you access to selected areas on the rewards platform. The more points you earn the more levels and bonus rewards you qualify for.

Points are earned as follows:

Gym visits- 100 points per visit

Apps & Trackers- Only one of the below criteria is used depending on the APP that you have connected.

1. Steps -10 points per 1000 steps

2. Distance –10 points per 1000 Metres

3. Duration –10 points per 1800 Seconds

Bonus points are earned for achieving your set goals and targets: Bonus points are usually allocated in blocks of 10.

There are several levels of rewards and the more points you have the more levels you qualify for plus activity tracker users get additional exclusive bonus rewards too.

You can also use your points to buy exclusive codes, download vouchers, access additional rewards access selected goods and services.