The Watch us get fit programme is already yielding positive outcomes after a 12 week trial.  Children's activity was monitored throughout the school day to help encourage and motivate movement. Results show a 58% increase in steps and 100% participation in school PE.



Developed for the Garmin Vivoki trackers and Vivohub 2 remote client the system tracks daily steps, active minutes, calories burned and intensity in real time during the school day with no staff admin time required.

Activity data can be viewed by individual student, all class or all school activity. .

Meet the Vivoki

vívokí is a small and discreet activity tracker, and students can wear it on their torso or waist, or slip it into a pocket. vívokí is water-resistant and syncs with the supplied vivohubs 2. Students activity is sent wirelessly to our hosted School platform via a wireless access point. These stations can be installed by the Schools IT department, allowing for hassle-free data uploads from students’ devices. School administrators can then view student progress on the analysis site. 

The vivohub 2 wireless access point can be easily installed in school high traffic areas and can sync up to 30 students activity at the same time.

Motivating activity

  • Eating out

    Eating out

    Money off family meals at local restaurants.
  • Activcoins


    Collect Activcoins & save on school supplies.
  • School trips

    School trips

    Collect vouchers for end of term school trips.
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  • 2
  • 3


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