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Small gym operators wellness platform


The gym member wellness platform

Helping you to deliver positive outcomes for your members.

What do I get

  • 12 months FREE AP Wellness licence worth £360 PA.*
  • 10% revenue share on smart watch/ tracker sales.**
  • 10 unique 15% off experience day codes for class attendees each month.
  • 50% off AP Rewards subscription.

* Limited to 500 members

** £10-£25 per device no purchase required by gym.


Client registration

Your clients can register for your wellness programme either by subscribing or purchasing a tracker using your unique code.

Data tracking

Clients can view their progress on a simple traffic lights progress system on their personal user dashboard.

Supported Apps

We currently support Apple, Fitbit, Garmin and Myzone. We are adding more integrations throughout 2021.

Earn revenue on smart watch or tracker sales in our store.

Client Goals

Clients set daily steps goal on their connected tracker. Collect 3 points when they hit a daily goal. Collect bonus points when they hit the World Health Organisation recommended intensity target of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise in a day.

Go digital and Reward your clients for every class attended.

What are the Rewards

10-15% off all Buyagift, Red Letter Day, Virgin Experiences, Golden Moments plus 10% of spend value in cashback Activcoins.

20-25% off trackers and smart watches.

15-25% off selected wellness services.

Daily special offers.

Ask about our Employee wellness plan for your corporate clients.

If that all sounds scary and complicated it really isn’t. If you have used Facebook or Zoom before it is simple to use. We will set up everything for you so all you have to do is continue doing what you do best, deliver group exercise.


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Partners & Integrations

Added Features

Online & Demand!

You can also register for our PAYG online and on demand platform to deliver one on one consultation or group classes on Zoom, Web browser, Facebook or YouTube.


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