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Gym rewards programme

Gym rewards programme

Using data to help gym owners support their members both in and out of the gym. We use real time activity data from Fitbit, Garmin and Myzone to track and reward your members activity at the gym , at work and at home.

Support your members

Your members spend more time away from the gym then they do in it. But they don’t stop being active when they walk out the door. So how do you support them when they are away from your venue?

Virtual memberships

Savvy Gym owners utilise the opportunities that Fitness trackers deliver by offering their members support through a virtual add on membership that places your gym at the center of your members fitness journey.

Out of gym activity

Your members also run, cycle, swim, walk or play a sport often miles away from your gym and you have no insight into this activity. We help you to get more connected to your members.