Corporate zone

AP is a customisable SaaS/ DaaS solution that delivers user activity data visualisation and insight dashboards, points rewards module, voucher codes and digital currency all on one easy to navigate cloud hosted platform for both users and gym/ organisation administrators.


For local authorities, leisure trusts and other organisations looking to meet targets around solving health inequalities and to potentially attract public funding- AP delivers a simple out of the box solution that ticks many boxes.

Larger Gym operators or Leisure Trusts benefit from a centralised interface for all venues with individual secure log ins for managers to access their own venues data.

The interface allows organisations to add and track multiple internal and community programmes and initiatives on the same interface.

Using rewards in wellness programmes.

The design of the incentive is critical to any wellness programme success and it is important to design incentives in a way that can be more effective and engage people that have more to benefit.


Setsquared accelerator

A partnership of enterprise and incubation Active Points are delighted to announce that we have been accepted into the SETsquared Partnership business incubator and enterprise partnership comprising five research-intensive universities: Bath, Bristol, Exeter,...

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Harlands Group partnership

New tech takes gym membership outside and anywhere. It's even more rewarding! Worrying about your members cancelling for the summer holiday? Why should they waste money when they’re nowhere near the facility? Gyms and leisure centres across the UK now have access to a...

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Collect Active Data

Our systems connect to the Garmin & Fitbit databases in real time collecting live activity data.

Features & Benefits Guide AP Virtual Memberships

The Only Tools You’ll Ever Need

We provide and manage all the tools you need to deliver powerful data driven incentives wellness programmes.

Rewards Management

We deliver more than just incentives and rewards we also manage them for you so you don’t have to.

Data Analytics

 Data is available through our data reporting module for easy import into all major analytics tools.

Administrator dashboards

All our programmes come with secure administrator back-end aggregate dashboards.

Member dashboard

Fast loading, displaying member daily and weekly activity & points and coins balances on PC Tablet or Mobile.

Project Management

Our project management service allows you to get on with running your business as we build your programme .

Digital currency

Activcoins provide a monetary value to the rewards allowing real world purchasing of tangible goods & services.

Analyze the Data

Our administrator dashboards displays the data by day and last 7 days and is viewable by individual, group or department or entire company.

"Thanks to the new partnership between Harlands Group and Active Points it's now possible to take your membership anywhere you go. Gym users can get a greater return on the value of their subscription by staying active wherever they go"

– Sarah Pearce