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Bounce Life Userpanel

Working with our Tech partners we bring new and innovative products to the UK to enhance and improve our offering to you. The latest wearable tracker from Fitbit or a new cognitive training system will find its way onto our radar most times before it even launches on the market. We negotiate favourable commercial rates… Read More »Innovation

Bounce ActivRewards

Bounce are a dynamic health, wellbeing and insurance brokerage that combines the delivery of life assurance and private healthcare to individuals, families and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises throughout the UK. As there is a very clear link between health, fitness and performance, Bounce are on a mission to make the UK happier, healthier and better… Read More »Bounce ActivRewards

Jamie Carragher WUGF

Launched in April 2018 in partnership with Jamie Carragher Watch Us Get Fit, this is our flagship Schools programme and is already yielding positive outcomes. Developed for the Garmin Vivoki trackers and Vivohub 2 remote client the system tracks daily steps, active minutes, calories burned and intensity in real time during the school day with… Read More »Jamie Carragher WUGF