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Motivating activity

No expensive private health insurance policy required. Simply connect a Fitbit or Garmin fitness tracker/app to be rewarded for being active.

Whether you go to the gym do a park run, or even just walk the dog is fine with us. How you move is up to you. In fact small changes in your daily routine like getting off the bus one stop earlier or taking the stairs at work is a great way to keep active and all movement matters.

Collect 3 points each time you do 7000 steps in a day. Do this 4 times each week to unlock the rewards. Hit 10,000 steps in a day to collect a bonus point and unlock even more rewards.

Let’s GO

Real rewards

Join the movement.

Save an extra 10-15% off all offers from, Red Letter Days and Golden Moments plus collect 10 coins per £1 you spend with our partners. Get 50% off wellness on demand from Flow Studio. Save up to 25% with Garmin and Fitbit plus save £50 on a Myzone MZ3 HR belt.

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Member Offers


Member saver codes

Collect member saver codes from Buyagift, Red Letter Days, 365 Tickets and more.


Fitness trackers.

Save up to 25% on the latest Fitness trackers from Garmin and Fitbit.


Shopping cards.

Use your coins to buy shopping cards/ vouchers for Tesco, M&S, Amazon and many more.


Pampering days.

Treat yourself to spa days and pampering sessions and collect coins too.

All movement matters

Real Effort.
Real Rewards.

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