Powerful data

Placing verified active data at the heart of our clients wellness programmes ensures accurate reporting of participants actual activity.

Why Active data?

Active data is an essential element of any wellness programme. Without it administrators are reliant on user self reporting forms or attendance card swipes/ check in records, none of which is reliable and bereft of useful actual activity data other than “I woz here”. Verified activity data reporting daily steps, calories burned, active minutes, distance, heart rate and sleep data is the currency that drives all our programmes.

The Dashboards

Displaying active data in real time helps to motivate partcipants to move more. Motivated users eliver better outcomes, higher programme engagement. The data provides useful insights into how a participant is progressing with their wellness goals and provides the mechanism to power thr incentives and rewards module that is a key component to the success of any wellness programme.

Data Reporting

Our data reporting module delivers raw data that can be easily imported into most major analytical tools including SIMs, Tableau IBM Watson and more.

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