We help you to deliver powerful outcomes using science.

Our dashboards deliver easy to navigate focal points to view all activity data including points and vouchers earned, in one place.

Engagement 74%
Activity Increase 84%
Renewals 87%

Activity drives participation delivering positive outcomes for operators.

Return on investment

Generating positive outcomes through real time activity tracking & progress reports and delivering value for money returns for our gym operators.

Global Reach

Our solutions are adaptive to all global markets. Supported by major global brands we can deliver bespoke solutions anywhere in the world.

Experienced consulting

With over 25 years Industry experience acquired in the media, marketing & fitness industry we are well placed to help our clients navigate their way through the concept design and delivery of data driven gym activity rewards.

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Our Services


User Data & Analysis

Our dynamic data dashboards display user activity data in real time along with user profiles and points balances in one easy to navigate user dashboard.


Vouchers & Codes

An awesome, managed, points driven voucher/ code download system plugged into the latest exclusive days out offers to the UK’s attractions and theme parks.


Digital Currency

Bespoke branded online Activcoins store featuring Global brands, shopping cards to major UK retailers including supermarkets and other cool stuff too!


New Products

Working with our Tech partners we introduce cool new & innovative products to enhance the effectiveness and impact of your programme.

We love our job

Making it happen

We work with some of coolest global brands creating diverse promotional opportunities, negotiating better offers for our clients and introducing innovating new products to the world.

More about our work


Our portfolio

Our portfolio is diverse and straddles multiple channels including retail, Sports, Fitness, education and tech.


our packages

Our cost effective plans ensure that we can deliver your wellness programme at a cost to suit all budgets.


where do we work

Our programmes are located in the UK & Ireland although we are expanding operations into other markets.