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We use the Garmin connect API in all of our programmes and are proud to be a Garmin partner.

Our generic Active Points incentives and rewards programme supports all Garmin devices and any Garmin user can subscribe and connect to AP and earn points based on their activity.

Garmin Connect is your online training tool to store, analyze and share all your fitness activities. Join millions of users who run, bike, swim and hike. Garmin Connect works seamlessly with your Garmin device and supports all your fitness goals.

Our dashboards connect to Garmin connect in real time ensuring that as soon as you sync your data it appears in your AP dashboard so you can view your progress and your rewards in one place.
Whether you’re already living an active lifestyle or you just want to get started, Garmin offer you activity trackers and smartwatches with built-in sports apps — and even smart scales with wireless connectivity — to help you take the right steps toward a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Our device of choice for Schools and Corporate programmes is the Garmin Vivoki.

All-day Activity Tracker

  • Records steps, distance, calories and intensity
  • Personalised daily goal
  • Clips to torso or waist, or slips into pocket
  • Wireless automatic uploads to analysis site
  • Water-resistant (10 m)

vívokí is a reliable, easy-to-use activity tracker that fits into corporate wellness programs to provide motivation and accountability for participants.

vívokí is small and discreet, and users can wear it on their torso or waist, or slip it into a pocket. vívokí is water-resistant.